What we're getting into :

Mini Draco 7.62x39 SBR

We've been tinkering with AK Pattern configurations. After getting our hands on a Mini Draco "Pistol". We found that although fun to shoot, it wasn't accurate at all. After initiating the paperwork to convert the pistol into an SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) it's accuracy improved and it's far more enjoyable to shoot.

C-93 5.56 "HK53 Clone" SBR

Unlike the Mini Draco which was a bit of a unintentional project. The C-93 SBR intentionally was pursued as a specific project. After receiving the appropriate paperwork, adding a stock was rather easy. Installing an aftermarket paddle release was not...

KRISS Vector 9mm SBR

We recently acquired a KRISS Vector 9mm Pistol. We've started the process of converting it to an SBR. Stayed tuned! 

(** We've decided not to pursue to SBR the KRISS yet. It seems to be an enjoyable shoot as is!)


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Periodically we have special events. Stay tuned!

Commentary Videos

Yes. We periodically maintain a crappy YouTube.com channel. Check us out of you dare... look up AllenandsonLLC.