Looking for an Orientation in Firearms and maybe some Intro Training?


  • Feel like going to a range for the first time but not really sure what to do or expect?  Or perhaps you just are curious and would like a well rounded introduction to shooting and different types of firearms? Maybe it's a bachelor(ette) party that you're looking for an activity for? Whatever your reason is, RENT MY ARSENAL*. For a reasonable fee, I'll coordinate your range trip for you and supply a all inclusive experience.

    For my time I will supply: 
  • An agreed upon set of firearms.**
    Ear Protection
    Eye Protection

    All clients must follow all safety instruction and I reserve the right to terminate the session at any time.  Half of the agreed upon payment is due up front and the second half will be due at the conclusion of the event.

    An Example Range Trip Will include:

    -1 Hour of my Services (Can be longer depending on time)
    -Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle
    -100 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition, 100 Rounds of RIfle Ammunition and 30 Shotgun Shells
    -20 Splatter Targets
    -Ear Plugs
    -Eye Protection

    Prices are dependent on what items are agreed upon. Generally the base service starts at $25 per person***.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    We are now offering free range trips for Teachers who want to learn more about firearms.

*Potential clients will be renting my services to coordinate an event at a local Firearms Range. Clients will NOT be literally renting my arsenal.

** I suggest Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle.

*** This does not include Range Fees of the designated range.